How to Find the Right Internal Communication Channel?

Jan 14, 2022

January 14, 2022



There are many benefits to having good internal communication. An effective internal communication strategy can improve employee engagement, reduce staff turnover, unite the workforce and help employees better understand the company’s goals.

Developing a company communication strategy can be a long and challenging process. Good internal communication is based around a strong communication channel. So, to make it easier for you, we made a list of five essential features you want to keep in mind while searching for your new communication tool.

1. Company News Feed

The first and most important thing is to find a way to notify your employees of all of the essential and vital news regarding your company. Employees want to be in a transparent environment and, most importantly, up-to-date with all that is happening in the organization they work for.

2. Conversations

The best way to exchange thoughts and ideas is by having conversations. It doesn’t matter if it is in person, through messages, or via video call. Unlike personal conversations, business conversations are always goal-oriented. As a result, it can narrow down errors while doing tasks and projects and have a strong impact on the company’s growth.

3. Surveys

The best way to know what employees want is by simply asking them! But gathering information can sometimes be a complicated and lengthy task. Therefore, having a simple and easy tool to get information quickly can be a game-changer. Using the surveys, you can find out how your employees feel and what they want. And get a quick answer to all your burning questions!

4. Feedback

Employees should have a channel where their voices can be heard. Many words stay unsaid in organizations due to a lack of feedback tools, especially anonymous ones. Encourage your employees to share their points of view and their opinions loud and clear.

5. Recognition

Recognizing the accomplishments of your employees or coworkers can improve their productivity and engagement and make them feel valued. Employees contribute to the company’s success, and by showing your appreciation, you help them build a sense of security and motivate them to continue the great work.

It is important to choose your internal communication channel wisely. There are a variety of choices for your company depending on what you want to accomplish. But when deciding on your perfect communication tool, be sure that it has all the features that can improve your company communication. If you are ready to implement a new communication tool that has all these features then Jenz app is just the right fit for you.

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