Boost your company culture using internal communication tool

Official Stories

Company channel for all important news.

Jenz app Official Stories

Real-time company updates and up-to-date information about clients, new projects, and business growth – one scroll away.

Social Stories

Engage employees to share their passions and hobbies!

Social Stories Jenz App

Engage your employees while connecting people with common interests, goals, and passions, through and between teams.

Pop-up Stories

You will never miss important stories again.

Pop-up Feature Jenz App

Important Stories brings important news directly to each employee, ensuring that the information is seen and read throughout the organization.

Anonymous Surveys

Find out what others think, in just a few clicks!

Find out what people think in a snap by collecting unbiased data and having a better insight into employees’ feelings and attitudes.

People Directory

Get to know your crew!

Reach out to anyone easily, call them, or email them, just by searching them by their name or department.

Kudos & Recognition

Easy and effective employee recognition system.

Employees can recognize each other with Kudos, which go directly to the chosen colleague and their team lead, making the workplace more inclusive and supportive.

Employee Feedback

Get honest and anonymous employee feedback!

Value the voice of your employees and invite them to share their opinions and receive anonymous feedback.

Jenz Admin Interface

The Desktop platform gives admins insights about activities, employee engagement, and overall user experience.

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