Client Success Stories

Jenz Helps Companies

“Jenz truly changed how we communicate within the bank!”

Liana Keserić

CEO, Raiffeisenbank

“In 2 months of cooperation with Jenz, we already see strong adoption and results. Compliments to the Jenz customer experience team for such great implementation support!”

Vesna Rendulić

Operations Director and Board Member, Orbico

“It has become an integral part of our bank’s digitization process. We can become a bank of the future by starting from ourselves and using modern technology, like dynamic and interactive internal communication app. According to the number of posts and Jenz users, I believe we are on the right track. “

Balázs Békeffy

Board Member, OTP bank

“I’m thrilled with the app! We would never receive the Best Employer Award if it weren’t for Jenz. Also, we can’t imagine life without Jenz anymore.”

Filip Ljubic

“Incredible app.
Excited to be working alongside the Jenz team!”


“Jenz unifies, simplifies, accelerates, modernizes communication, and brings us all closer together! Jenz covers all we have been looking for!”

Peter Blassnigg

Managing Director, Promedica Plus

“In our organization where over half of our 600 employees do not use emails, Jenz has given everyone access to the most important information in a very simple and fun way.”

Ivan Zubak

“We’ve been using Jenz for the past few months, and we are thrilled! For us, having Jenz means uniting official and unofficial communication in one place.”

Igor Nekić

General Manager, Terme Sveti Martin

“Jenz has provided our employees with fast, modern, and easy two-way communication. This app keeps us close even when we are far away. We got to know each other better, and the flow of information became faster and easier than ever.


— Some of our clients