Jenz success stories

“Happy to see great engagement across the bank – just what we wanted! Great to see our internal culture is growing with engaged and driven employees with a strong sense of belonging!”
Graham Fitzgerald
Al Masraf
“Jenz provides multiple options to intrigue all employees through different features.”
Ivan Mihelic
Marketing Manager,
G3 Spirits Slovenia
“Jenz has provided our employees with fast, modern, and easy two-way communication. This app keeps us close even when we are far away. We got to know each other better, and the flow of information became faster and easier than ever. “
King ICT
“We’ve been using Jenz for the past few months, and we are thrilled! For us, having Jenz means uniting official and unofficial communication in one place. “
Igor Nekić
General Manager,
Terme Sveti Martin
“In our organization, where over half of our 600 employees do not use emails, Jenz has given everyone access to the most important information in a very simple and fun way. “
Zubak Jenz App
Ivan Zubak
Zubak Group
“Incredible app. Excited to be working alongside the Jenz team!”
KB Food Jenz App
“I’m thrilled with the app! We would never receive the Best Employer Award if it weren’t for Jenz. Also, we can’t imagine life without Jenz anymore. “
Filip Ljubic
Q agency
“We wanted to exchange information and ideas in a casual, more personal way, free from corporate structure and hierarchy. Jenz has beaten the solutions of global players. “
Liana Keserić
“Jenz opened new communication possibilities in an easy and user-friendly manner. In the first three months of using Jenz, 42% of our employees say they are more productive. We truly see it as a solution that helps develop stronger connections among our valuable team members. “
Ivan Šimičević
Board Member,
OTP Bank
“With Jenz, our corporate culture is now more than ever based on a sense of belonging, connectedness, and employee inclusion. This is proven by continuous social posts and employee engagement. “
Marina Mesarić Radojčin
Director of Internal Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility,
“In 2 months of cooperation with Jenz, we already see strong adoption and results. Compliments to the Jenz customer experience team for such great implementation support! “
Vesna Rendulić
Operations Director and Board Member,
“Our company information is all communicated through Jenz since it allows us to be more direct and transparent. By doing so, we are ensuring two-way communication. “
Mate Krpan

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