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Boost your
company culture, productivity, and profits!

Build a stronger company spirit,
with more informed, connected, and engaged workforce.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast”

~ Peter Drucker

— Why Jenz?

Jenz is an internal social network that works like your company’s live newsletter and a mobile version of your intranet.

It transforms internal communications and gives your company culture an additional boost.

Keep your employees

no matter where they are.

Office or deskless you can always bring Jenz with you!

Jenz delivers results


of employees never miss important company information


of employees understand their company better


of employees know their coworkers better

Are you wondering what Jenz can do for you?

"In our organization where over half of our 600 employees do not use emails, Jenz has given everyone access to the most important information in a very simple and fun way."

I. Zubak,
President of the Management Board,
Zubak Grupa

“Jenz unifies, simplifies, accelerates, modernizes communication, and brings us all closer together! Jenz covers all we have been looking for!”

P. Blassnigg,
Managing Director, Promedica Plus

“Jenz really changed how we communicate within the bank.”

Liana Keseric,
CEO, Raiffeisen Bank

“Jenz unites human faces, their talents, strengths, aspirations, and ambitions. It builds an internal culture with engaged and driven employees with a strong sense of belonging. That’s how brands are becoming strong and incredible.”

R. Kostgeld,
Founder, Zelebrand

"In 2 months of cooperation with Jenz, we already see strong adoption and results. Compliments to the Jenz customer experience team for such great implementation support!"

Vesna Rendulić,
Operations Director and Board member, Orbico

— Some of our clients
— Features

Watch how your company culture grows using just one tool!

Official stories

Important daily updates,
just one scroll away!

Important company news, real-time happenings, up-to-date information about clients, business growth and new projects – are just a scroll away.

Social Stories

Share your passions &
hobbies with others!

Get employees to be more relaxed, engaged, and comfortable to post, like and comment on fun and interesting content.

People Directory

Get to know your crew!

Reach out to anyone easily, call them or send them an email, just by searching them by their name or department.

Kudos & Recognition

Tell your colleagues how
great they are!

With one click on a colleague’s name, people can kudos each other which goes directly to the chosen coworker, their team lead and HR.

Employee Feedback

Share your thoughts anonymously.

Grant every person a voice and give employees a chance to write anything they wish, completely anonymously, and pick which department that message goes to.

Anonymous Surveys

Find out what others think,
in just a few clicks!

Find out what people think in a snap, by collecting unbiased data and having a better insight on employees’ feelings and attitudes.

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— About Jenz


Jenz was developed and verified by Q,
#1 fastest growing software agency in Europe.

Its top-notch experts helped over 200 clients grow globally, from Fortune 500 companies to the leading tech startups.


Happy and proud

With JENZ you can share all the important company info in a second, hear the opinion of all your employees at the same time and motivate them to work more closely together.


By uniting human faces, their talents, strengths, aspirations and ambitions, Jenz helps you build an internal culture of engaged and driven employees.

profitable and successful

Jenz helps achieve a strong sense of purpose, belonging and loyalty among your employees, which leads to better performance and company results.


With Jenz you can share all the important company info in a second, hear the opinion of all your employees at the same time and motivate them to work more closely together.

— How to start?

It’s super easy!

just follow the 3 steps below.

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Fill in data

Type in all the relevant info and have the app ready for action.

Invite people

Get your employees on-board and start using Jenz!

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