Bring the best out of the company culture!
Unite people, drive engagement, stimulate communication and feedback.

Jenz is an internal social network that works like your mobile intranet and a company’s employee engagement app.

It transforms internal organizational communication and gives your company culture an additional boost with up to 78% more motivated and engaged employees!

What sets Jenz apart?

With Jenz, get a dedicated group of experts to engage your workforce!


consider Jenz to be the reason why their internal communications got better


are more motivated since they started using Jenz


are more productive since Jenz was implemented

Client Success Stories

Top results in just 3 months, confirmed by our users!
“Thanks to Jenz, we’ve gained access to an intuitive and enjoyable platform, enabling effortless connectivity across distances, fostering seamless communication, and making vital information easily accessible to everyone within our organization.”
Anamarija Minarski - HT
Anamarija Minarski
Director of Performance, Talent Acquisition & Development at Hrvatski Telekom,
“Happy to see great engagement across the bank – just what we wanted! Great to see our internal culture is growing with engaged and driven employees with a strong sense of belonging!”
Al Masraf Jenz
Graham Fitzgerald
Al Masraf
“Jenz opened new communication possibilities in an easy and user-friendly manner. In the first three months of using Jenz, 42% of our employees say they are more productive. We truly see it as a solution that helps develop stronger connections among our valuable team members. “
Ivan Šimičević
Board Member,
OTP Bank
“In 2 months of cooperation with Jenz, we already see strong adoption and results. Compliments to the Jenz customer experience team for such great implementation support! “
Vesna Rendulić
Operations Director and Board Member,

So Easy To Use

Choose admin

Select 1 person from your company, to help with administration.

Fill in data

Type in all the relevant info and have the app ready for action.

Invite people

Get your employees on-board and start using Jenz!

It’s like reading our minds!

Jenz around and find out!

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