Best Employer Second Year in a Row!

Q agency just got the title for the Best Employer in 2021. To be exact, they are not giving their throne away for the second year in a row.

Being good at something for the first time can be fun and new, but when you get recognized for the same thing twice… well, that makes you an MVP, right? That is precisely how we see Q, our first ever client and a company that developed Jenz based on their own needs and preferences.

“I’m thrilled with the app! We would never receive the Best Employer Award in Croatia if not for Jenz. Also, we can’t imagine life without Jenz anymore.”

Filip Ljubic, CEO of Q agency

Why They Implemented Jenz?

Q invests lots of effort in their internal processes, and more importantly, their internal communication. Employees appreciate transparency, even when bad news has to be delivered. But, just like every other organization that is struggling with the tools to communicate better, Q had to find a way to efficiently and safely deliver all the important information. According to the anonymous study conducted on Q’s employees, 98% think Jenz contributes to transparent internal communication. Implementing Jenz helped them overcome a lack of transparency and improved their internal communication. 

The App That Is Designed for People

Qumans love this way of communication. 95% of them feel like they never miss important company information. That is almost 200 satisfied employees that find company news interesting and wish to receive them more often. This way, they understand the company better, which helps them and their leaders maintain easier two-way communication.

Recognizing Employees Achievements

Making your organization a good place to work means creating an environment where people are aware of each other’s achievements. For example, 95% of Q employees say that Kudos is the perfect way of sharing positive feedback. But positive feedback isn’t the only feedback you need. Having a place where your employees can anonymously share their thoughts and opinions can help your company build a solid and unbreakable culture.

“Jenz is a huge game-changer for us; it provided us a way to reach people and keep them informed, which builds a stronger bond between the employees and the company.”

Ana Cupic, Head of Communications

Thank you, Q, for your trust and for acknowledging the importance that Jenz had in your company’s growth. We are very proud to see that Q loves Jenz, and we want to celebrate many more of their outstanding achievements like this one. What a great way to start 2022!