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Jenz is an internal communication tool that strengthens company culture and builds a transparent workplace.

Jenz is an internal social network that works like your mobile intranet and a company's app for employee engagement.

It transforms internal organizational communication and gives your company culture an additional boost.

Our added value

With Jenz, get a dedicated consultant to engage your workforce!

More than 90%

consider Jenz to be the reason why their internal communications got better


are more motivated since they started using Jenz


are more productive since Jenz was implemented

“Incredible app.
Excited to be working alongside the Jenz team!”


“Jenz unifies, simplifies, accelerates, modernizes communication, and brings us all closer together! Jenz covers all we have been looking for!”

Peter Blassnigg

Managing Director, Promedica Plus

It’s super easy!

Choose admin

Select 1 person from your company, to help with administration.

Fill in data

Type in all the relevant info and have the app ready for action.

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Get your employees on-board and start
using Jenz!

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