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Banking & Finance

“Jenz opened new communication possibilities in an easy and user-friendly manner. In the first three months of using Jenz, 42% of our employees say they are more productive. We truly see it as a solution that helps develop stronger connections among our valuable team members.”

Ivan Šimičević

Board Member

Client Statistics

More than 94%

of employees know their colleagues better.


use the app several times a week or more!


believe that Jenz has made the company more transparent.

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To: Corporate Comms

I’m thrilled with OTP’s internal social network. My colleagues recognize me in an elevator, even with my mask on. They immediately asked me about the info I shared on Jenz. We managed to connect even more in this short period. We share happiness. All praises!

To: Board

I have an idea for our kids. Kids hangout day! So, let’s help our future generation find peers with similar interests.

To: Board

Thank you for your recommendation. We tried to incorporate our coworkers’ kids by organizing a Christmas show, which took part before the pandemic. Last two years, we have been organizing contests for children’s works and online exhibitions. We will surely continue developing this kind of activity.