Jenz Is One Year Old! A Look Back And Ahead

Happy birthday to Jenz! Today we finally mark our first birthday. In just one year Jenz has got a global presence, with clients, users, and partners from more than 15 countries.

In this article we are going to tell you:

What is Jenz?

Jenz is an employee engagement app that has made 90% of employees more informed about their company since its implementation.

You can describe it as a “closed social network” where companies share essential news and information to all of their employees quickly and easily. On the other hand, employees have an app where they can be up-to-date with all company news and connect with their coworkers by sharing their hobbies, interests, work-related posts, and many more. With its elegant, modern interface, and visually attractive and intuitive design, this emplyee engagement app seems familiar even though it’s an innovation.

Companies can immediately get feedback if needed by connecting employees through the Jenz app. Giving employees a place where their voice can be heard increases productivity and motivation among the whole organization. Jenz connects people, stimulates communication, and encourages feedback. This strengthens the sense of belonging within the company and helps bring out the best in the culture. Hence the name “Jenz” — is the phonetical inscription of the Latin word Gens, which is defined as a Roman clan consisting of a group of people united by the same goals, values, and lifestyle.

How many people use Jenz?

Jenz has over 14.000 users in Australia, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, etc.

Its users have positively adopted it. In recent anonymous research conducted among Jenz clients, 81% of users said they use the app several times a week.

If you still don’t believe us, read what our users and clients say about us:

“Jenz has provided our employees with fast, modern, and easy two-way communication. This app keeps us close even when we are far away. We got to know each other better, and the flow of information became faster and easier than ever.” KING ICT Company

“It has become an integral part of our bank’s digitization process. We can become a bank of the future by starting from ourselves and using modern technology, like dynamic and interactive internal communication app. According to the number of posts and users, I believe we are on the right track. Balázs Békeffy, Board Member at OTP bank

“Jenz unifies, simplifies, accelerates, modernizes communication, and brings us closer together! Jenz covers all we have been looking for!” Peter Blassnigg Managing Director in Promedica Plus

How did our first 365 days go?

In addition to subjective feedback, we had evidence to back it up.

Since this employee engagement app was implemented, more than 94% of employees in OTP Bank believe they know their colleagues better, while 67% of employees in Terme Sveti Martin say they are more productive.

Results from anonymous research in Zubak Grupa one year after implementing Jenz were better than they were ever before:

  • More than 90% of employees consider Jenz to be the reason why their internal communications got better
  • Almost 90% think they can connect better with their colleagues thanks to Jenz
  • 85% believe they can reach their colleagues easier
  • 73% believe that Kudos is an excellent way of giving feedback
  • 28% are more motivated since the implementation
365 days of Jenz implementation at Zubak Grupa

Orbico, a leading EU distributor for many quality globally known brands, has seen strong adaptation and results in just two months of using Jenz. For example, 90% of their employees have been more informed about the company since Jenz was implemented, and more than 3/4 think the company is more transparent now.

Our next step

Our goal for the next year is to keep the momentum going. Keep adding new features and adjusting to our users’ needs and desires. We aim to build a stable and sustainable business while welcoming new users on a global scale. At the same time, we focus on profitability, and we must maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

This is an innovative product, so we are always seeking to expand our team with people who can utilize our potential. With people as our strength, we have the potential to surpass our limits.

We are well on our way so there is no stopping now.


Now that you have seen what our tool offers, we are confident you can fully understand its benefits. Only after seeing the results of our efforts can we be as proud.

With our anniversary closing, we have satisfied clients, productive and motivated users, and more room to grow.

Let’s blow out the first candle, there are many more to come!

If you would like to implement Jenz, take a look at our plans.