Understanding Intranet And Picking The Best One For Your Company

Jun 27, 2022




These days, the question is not why your company needs an intranet but: How can you choose the right intranet for your company? To solve this mystery, we will outline the essential needs and wants that a company in need of it has.

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What is an intranet?

Intranet is a private, completely secured online network that enables more accessible communication, collaboration, content creation, and company culture-building.

Many companies prefer the intranet because of its quick response time and easy orientation through the shared information.

Intranet vs. Extranet vs. Internet

I know it’s confusing, so what’s the difference between intranet, extranet, and internet? 

The intranet is private and closed to the outside world. However, extranets differ from intranets in a few ways. An extranet gives outside visitors access, such as customers, partners, or vendors. And in the end, internet access is, in its conclusion, available to everyone.

What is an intranet used for?


Intranet lets you have transparent, secure, and fast access to company information. Being private and encrypted means it’s safe, and being organized and sorted promptly makes it transparent and easier to access. In addition, it increases internal communication between the company and employees. Effective company communication leads to better overall company performance. According to a McKinsey report, well-connected teams see a productivity increase of 20-25%.

In a modern intranet, only receiving information from the company is no longer acceptable. Instead, the network should encourage two-way communication between employees and the company. As a result, employees should feel that their voice is heard and that their opinions matter.

Nevertheless, in this agile environment, time is of the essence, and a fast-paced information-sharing system is fundamental. Intranet like Jenz enables you to share information and receive instant feedback on how many of your employees have seen the message, and you can get their input.

Encourage two-way communication through the intranet
Encourage two-way communication

Employee recognition and appreciation

The key to building a healthy work environment and employee satisfaction is adequate employee recognition and appreciation. How can you achieve that your employees feel valued for their work? 

An intranet should have a reward-based system where superiors can recognize employees for their work. It should also be transparent so that employees can evaluate their performance.

Did you know that 47% of employees want to receive a personalized reward spontaneously? A feature like kudos could put you at ease with giving out appreciation to your employees.

It’s not only about short-term rewards, but employees will also feel better about their work and effort, and they will work together for the same goal; The better of the company.

Employee recognition through the intranet

Connects employees

A collaboration tool such as the Intranet should make it easier for employees to get to know each other. It makes people feel like they are part of a team and helps develop the company culture. 

Most people strengthen their relationships by using social media, so having an intranet similar to social media makes it more approachable. In addition, the intranet is the point of connection for all employees, no matter where they work – in the warehouse or the office. 

Jenz allows your employees to share their interests, hobbies, and also know-how about their work. As a result, they can help each other at work, making them more productive and aware of working for the same goal.

Employees with a strong sense of company culture tend to be more engaged and productive. But the real problem is that only 28% of executives understand their company’s culture. Recognizing the importance of company culture and focusing on engaging your employees can lead to over 200% increase in performance.

Connecting employees through the intranet
Connecting employees

How can intranets be made more effective?

Usage of the intranet

What could be some of the problems your intranet comes across? How can it be more effective?

According to Social Intranet Study, only 13% of employees open their intranet daily. It seems like a significant issue, especially if you use it to improve communication. However, in today’s agile environment, fast-paced information sharing is crucial, and an essential intranet does not offer you the solution to that problem.

As much as 54% of the internet traffic comes from mobile devices, which puts it an advantage over desktops. The intranet of tomorrow needs to be available on mobile devices. The average person checks their phone every four minutes. That sets the ground for a perfect communication tool, where a piece of information could be of crucial importance.

According to our case study on the intranet mobile app Jenz, 67% of Jenz users visit the app regularly, and 95% never miss any important company information. So we feel like we won this argument with this one.

User Experience

Many intranets are built without a proper user experience in mind. They are hard to navigate and don’t follow UX/UI design principles.

Employees should feel relieved when they use an intranet at work. Using it should not be frustrating for them. The intranet should feel intuitive and natural. Employees should be able to use the intranet through their everyday workflow without going out of their way. It should feel like an extension of their workflow, which also means it should be able to integrate with other applications and tools that they use regularly.

Official stories
Official stories


Most companies need or already have an intranet, but not all intranets produce the same results. That is why you should question your strengths and weaknesses in your internal surroundings. Once you know your weaknesses, you already know what type of it you need to help you overcome those issues. But in this process, it is important to be objective and open-minded because sometimes you are unaware of the real weaknesses, which results in not seeing the opportunities to grow.

Features on the intranet sometimes sound like an extra, but it is a necessity you are not aware of. Here you can look through features that Jenz has and see which fields you are already advanced in and where you stand behind. 

It undoubtedly is complicated to develop and upgrade your own tool or use tools that are not functional for you. That is why we developed Jenz and constantly upgrade it with new functionalities and features. 

We don’t want you to spend time, energy, and resources on multiple tools. Instead, use one that does the work in all the areas.

Did you know that the cost of replacing an employee is 6 to 9 months of an employee’s salary? Read our blog on how to reduce Employee turnover.

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